Надувной круг

Надувной круг

3D-кровать с динозавром


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Name: dinosaur Swimming Floating

Material: 0.3mm Environmental PVC

Bearing weight: 200KG

Fits for: Adults , teenagers,kids

Size:see detail

Packing: PE packaging

Color: As shown

Bullet Points:

1.The water reclining chair has handle, backrest and cup holder, which is very comfortable for water leisure in summer

2.Environment-friendly plastic, high toughness, not afraid of tearing.

3.Seamless edge sealing,With a bonding width of nearly one centimeter and seamless edge sealing, the safety has been greatly improved.

4.Crystal nozzle,Internal and external double anti-leakage design,Even if the external air nozzle is accidentally opened, it will only leak slowly

This product is an outdoor entertainment product, mainly used for swimming, beach floating bed, swimming pool, lawn, home. It is also one of the favorite toys for children and adults.